We aim to give our children a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities and so offer a range of clubs that feature at different points during the year. These may take place before or after school or during lunchtime.

Our sporting clubs change with the seasons and include:

*Football with Freestyle Soccer

*Gymnastics with GLK Academies

*Hotshots Basketball

Sports /Multi skills Club

Archery Club

Boccia Club

*Tricking Club

Makaton Club

Nurture Natter

Throughout the year, we also offer a range of clubs, e.g. :

Art Club

*French Club

*Magic Club

*Film Making Club

*Theatre Club

*Coding Club


Gardening Club

Makaton Club

Nurture Natter

*Indicates clubs that are offered by external providers, so incurring a charge.


Please note that all after school clubs, which are led by adults employed by the school, will have a register called at the beginning of each session. It is the pupil’s responsibility to inform the adult in charge if they will not be attending.

Please be aware that, with termly written consent from a parent, Class 4 children will be free to leave at the end of the session. Later in the term when the nights get darker, we strongly advise you to collect your child from school

For clubs which are paid for it is the parent’s responsibility to make individual arrangements with the adult/company leading the session. However, there will always be school staff on site when any additional clubs are taking place.

As always, a huge thank you in advance to all of the Blakesley staff who voluntarily give up their own time to provide extra-curricular activities.

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