We expect to receive £16,950 this academic year (2021-22).  This money is to support sports development in schools and could be used to pay for the professional development of staff, professional coaching, sports equipment and competition entry. 

We aim to provide a range of sporting opportunities for our pupils by organising extra-curricular clubs focussing on different sports and activities.

We plan to ensure that all our staff have professional development opportunities, all pupils to have sports coaching, all pupils to access a challenging PE trip and our resources to be updated. In addition, a proportion of this fund will be used to pay for competitions locally by paying into the Sponne Sports Partnership.  

Funding for 2020-2021

We received £9,100 for the year 2020-21. We used the money to pay for specialist Real PE training for staff; by paying into the Sponne Sports Partnership.a proportion of this fund was used to pay for competitions locally, for Sponne PE teachers to lead sessions coaching children and leading competitions for all pupils on site.

Funding paid for staff to attend a number of after-school competitions, enabling  our children to represent their school in competitive sport.

National Lockdown/COVID resirictions severely hampered many initiatives and activities.