Blakesley C of E Primary School’s Modern Foreign Languages curriculum strives to inspire a curiosity and love of languages as part of children’s life long journey of learning. We aim to provide our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding of MFL to enable our pupils to celebrate similarities and welcome differences in our world. By having an understanding of different languages, countries and cultures, children will have a deepened ability to show respect to others and understand their valuable role in our global society. French forms part of our school’s aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all, whatever their ability.

In KS2, our MFL curriculum develops key language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through weekly lessons in French. We use the Kapow scheme which enables our pupils to acquire new language on a range of practical and day-to-day topics, which they can use and apply to different scenarios. These include daily routines, school, food, numbers, ordering in a restaurant and festivals. The children also learn to appreciate French customs and traditions, which encourages an appreciation and understanding of different cultures.  Each lesson comprises of speaking and listening through conversational work, along with a short reading and writing activity linked to the focus of the lesson.  


Modern Foreign Languages at Blakesley