Values Passport

Our Values Passport has been designed as a set of challenges and activities that link to our core values of COURAGE, COMPASSION, THANKFULNESS, FELLOWSHIP and WISDOM. Some activities are easier to complete, others are more challenging; some activities will need to be completed at home, others can be completed in school; some activities can be completed quickly, other activities will take a longer period of time.

In the document, there are tables in which to record the activities your child decides to complete. Recording can be done electronically or by hand. Separate Word documents of each value that can be added to electronically if you prefer this way of recording, or the powerpoint version can be printed and completed by hand. Paper copies are available if required, from the school office.

All returned Passports will be studied by the Chair of Governors and the Headteacher. On completion of the set amount of tasks each child will be presented with an enamel school badge. The Head teacher’s decision is final.

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