We want all of our children to be proud of wearing their ‘Blakesley badge’ so our uniform is an important part of our school identity.

Our school uniform is as follows:


*Red Blakesley jumper, v-neck or crew neck, or cardigan

*White Blakesley polo shirt

*Red gingham dress

Black trousers, shorts or skirt

Black socks or tights

Black school shoes (no trainers or astros)

PE Kit

*Red crew neck PE T-shirt

*Black shorts or skorts

*Black hoodie (unbranded)

*Black tracksuit bottoms or joggers (unbranded)

Trainers (rather than plimsolls)

Change of socks


*Bookbags (rather than rucksacks please) these will help us to keep our new reading books in pristine condition for long-lasting enjoyment by all!

*PE bags (rather than rucksacks) can be more easily stored in our limited cloakroom space.

The items marked * in the list below are available from the ‘School Trends’ website who supply our school uniform directly to you by post or to school for collection. Orders can be placed online by following this link:

Please could you ensure that all school uniform is clearly named and labelled using a Sharpie (biro washes out) or fixed label.

Haircuts – Please could we respectfully ask that children save having patterns and designs cut into their haircuts for the summer holiday.

Avoid excessive decorative headwear.