We love music at Blakesley!

Our links with Northamptonshire Performing Arts and Music Trust (NMPAT). 

Peripatetic Music teachers from NMPAT provide our children with a range of opportunities to learn an instrument. Recently, we have welcomed NMPAT’s ‘First Access Project’ into Class 3. All of the children spent a term learning to play the Ukulele, culminating in an amazing concert to celebrate their achievements.

NMPAT also provide individual tuition for our children (see below). We were delighted to have been awarded the ‘Music Mark’ again in recognition for our school’s commitment to providing high quality music education for our children.

Music Tuition at Blakesley

Music RR

We offer instrumental tuition through the Northamptonshire Performing Arts and Music Trust (NMPAT).  This service is paid for by parents and allows children to learn an instrument in small groups with a music specialist. Click here to find out more about NMPAT’s services.

 Currently we offer brass, woodwind, string and piano lessons.  Children in Key Stage 2 are invited to have an audition and, if successful, sign up for one whole year.  There is sometimes availability for Year 2 children to start string lessons and if mature enough to also try for brass.

Lessons are charged at the rate of £71 per period (payable in advance of lessons) and there are three periods a year.  Instruments are provided by NMPAT on loan for the duration of lessons. Pupil Premium children will be supported with costings should they choose to learn an instrument.

Please enquire in the school office for more information.