Church school partnership.

Easter Experience

The  school works very closely with St Mary’s Church, Blakesley. Our pupils lead services in the church such as Harvest, Christingle, Christmas, Mothering Sunday, Easter and Pentecost. Representatives from the church often lead and contribute to our weekly worship too.  

Easter Child WritingJust recently all of our pupils were invited to participate in the Easter Experience held within the church.  This involved taking part in a carousel of activities led by Rev Sue Stanley and her expert team of helpers. All of the stations focused on one aspect of the Easter message requiring the children to consider ‘big questions’ and to think more deeply. In a variety of ‘hands on experiences’ the children reflected on how and why we celebrate this important event. This led to exploring in greater depth the meaning of Easter and how this important story can still have and should have an impact on our modern lives.

The activities looked at the following aspects of Easter:

  • Palm Sunday. The children were encouraged to think about their hopes for the future in preparing their hearts to welcome a king – the King Jesus as he made his triumphant yet humble entry into Jerusalem.
  • The Servant King. As the children cleaned one of their own shoes they were asked to focus on the servanthood of Jesus. This reflective tasked helped the children to think of their own position before God and one another.
  • Last Supper. The children were invited to take part in the Lord’s supper thinking about the importance of fellowship, being together and sharing important moments of life.
  • Garden of Gethsemane. Each child was given a stone symbolising how Jesus felt alone in the Garden. On each stone they were encouraged to draw images of things that would give strength, hope or peace in a time of need.
  • The Cross. Different types of crosses were investigated and many reasons why certain crosses are displayed were discussed. A Crown of Thorns was passed around for the children to reflect on the pain Jesus may have felt.
  • The Resurrection. This station was a celebration of surprise and great joy. Seeing the stone rolled away the children were encouraged to meditate and think upon the wonderful surprises Life can bring.

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