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Lego Robotics

First Lego League Competition 2013 ‘Nature’s Fury’

In September 2013 a group of 11 children came together to form a Lego robotics team to take part in the First Lego League’s worldwide competition ‘ Natures Fury's ‘.  This team was to become the ‘Blakesley Brainiacs’!

For the first time since we’ve been entering the competition the team comprised more girls than boys and was made up from nine 9 to 10 year old from Blakesley, an ex Blakesley pupil now in year 7 and my 12 year old daughter.

Since early September the team had been giving up their own time to attend a Saturday afternoon club at Blakesley CE Primary School,

run especially for the competition.  During their time in preparation the team had to work hard to design and program a Lego robot, research and solve a problem based on a natural disaster and to work together as a team.

Finally, on the 18th of December 2013 it was time for the team to put in to action all that they had learnt during the last three and a half months at the regional finals held at Loughborough University.  The competition consisted of presentation of their project on the natural disaster they had chosen, rigorous interviews by the competition judges on their robot design, programming and team work.  During all or which the team did excellent work in describing all that they had learnt and put in to practice.

The team was up against some very stiff competition with the majority of the other teams being made up from secondary schools.  One of the teams was even from a technology college!!  Undaunted by the fact they were up against children nearly twice there age (the competition is open to 9 to 16 year olds) they performed magnificently in their first three rounds, overcoming technical difficulties (a broken chain!) and a shaky start, gradually climbing up the leader board in a nail biting’s morning of tension, excitement and great fun!

They did so well in fact they got through to the semi-final, up against two secondary schools and the technology college!  Again, undaunted by this they battled on, assisted by the best team support of the competition (they were very loud, cheering and singing support to their fellow team members) they readied themselves for the next round!

After a magnificent semi-final where the competition was very fierce the team beat one more team and achieved a very respectful third place in the Lego Robot competition! Not bad for a primary school team, especially as for most, it was the first time that they had done anything like this.

I look forward to this year’s competition in the hope that all of the team once more take up the challenge.

A very proud team coach!

Mr Angell

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