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What an Orchestra

Announced on 15-09-2014

A large proportion of our children play a musical instrument.

Enrichment Opportunities

Announced on 15-09-2014

All pupils have access to music tuition, educational visits and 77% of all pupils have taken part in sporting competitions in the last 12 months.

Founded in 1669

Announced on 09-12-2014

  •  Deo fidens persistas

Church School Inspection

Announced on 09-01-2015

Our latest Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools rating is 'good'.

'All pupils show great pride in their school. Their achievements are celebrated in many ways, and this gives them a sense of self-belief and raises their success levels.'

Pride in Our School

Announced on 15-09-2014

‘Pupils take great pride in their school and its appearance.  They talk enthusiastically about their learning and achievements and say that teachers make learning fun.’  

OFSTED July 2016

Personal Development and Welfare

Announced on 15-09-2014

'The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding...Pupils are confident and self-assured learners.’ 

OFSTED July 2016

A small and vibrant school.

Announced on 15-09-2014

Our size means that each child is cared for and known exceptionally well, individually by staff. ‘Relationships between teachers and pupils are good.’

OFSTED January 2014

Great Behaviour

Announced on 15-09-2014

‘Pupils move calmly around the school and show respect for each other and for adults.’

OFSTED January 2014

First Class Feedback...

Announced on 15-09-2014

Pupils’ books are ‘excellent and show detailed, formative marking and high expectations.’

HMI March 2014

New Curriculum

Announced on 15-09-2014

Our new curriculum has been written to be fun and engaging, ensuring children achieve high standards.

Encouraging Challenge, Aiming High

Announced on 15-09-2014

Preparing children for life’s big adventure. 

'The school encourages pupils to try many things without fear of failure. This allows them to flourish and grow in confidence.' OFSTED July 2016




House Points this term...

Announced on 10-07-2014


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Children in Class 1 and Rising Fives taking part in our whole school art project.