Our topic finale was a tense court case held to determine who was the most responsible for the massive loss of life on Titanic.

On trial were Bruce Ismay, Captain Edward Smith, Officer Murdoch, Captain Lord and Frederick Fleet. 

The children have spent the last few weeks learning about events leading up to the trial and about the roles played by each of the suspects. Challenging questions were asked which really tested the research carried out by the pupils who took on the roles of the accused. The rest of the class formed the jury. All pupils demonstrated their strong knowledge and understanding of the topic during the particularly heated trial! Those in the dock responded well to the tough questioning and seldom had to resort to ,”No comment.”

A secret ballot ended the court case, and Frederick Fleet, who had been on lookout on that fateful night on 12th April 1912 was found guilty and charged with gross negligence. (He had been on look out,but his binoculars were locked in a cupboard and he had made little effort to find the key.)

The class really enjoyed this unusual topic finale and their hard work was rewarded with chocolate eggs.  


One thought on “Guilty!

  1. Guilty as charged! Well, fancy the look out not having his binoculars! Quite frankly he deserved the hanging and Madeleine and I will have a wonderfully peaceful Easter break!

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