Trip to Towcester Tesco


The children went on a school trip to Tesco. Children were able to follow health and safety guidelines set out by staff on the coach and when we arrived at Tesco listening carefully to the team at the store. They were soon split into two groups. One group walked around the fruit and veg area looking for fruit and veg of certain colours, they were then able to draw or write the fruit or veg into that box. Children also learnt about the difference between fruit and veg. The other group made their very own mini pizza, choosing their own toppings and trying the toppings out. They then swapped over to experience the other activity. We all met up to have a tour of the shop, we saw where the food was stored, the staff room and the fridge and freezer. The fridge and freezer was so big, we all fitted into them. We then had a fruit skewer talking about the importance of healthy eating and went over the things we had learnt from the trip. They then had the opportunity to try goji berries, avocado and sweet beetroot.

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